عاجل| مدارس عجمان الإماراتية تعلن عن وظائف جديدة للمعلمين والمعلمات.. ننشر نص الإعلان

الإثنين 07/سبتمبر/2020 - 07:40 م
 تعلن مدارس عجمان الإماراتية عن وظائف جديدة للمعلمين والمعلمات وفقا لنص الإعلان التالي:-

تعلن مدرسة المدينة بعجمان بالامارات عن توفر فرص عمل شاغره
مطلوب للعمل التخصصات الاتيه :
اداره - معلمون و معلمات جميع التخصصات و غيرها

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Welcome to City School. As part of our community, you will enjoy outstanding benefits and play an integral role in contributing to the development of future generations in a diverse community of hard-working, academically outstanding and resourceful faculty, administration and staff members.

We provide a welcoming, inclusive environment where every member of our community can achieve their full potential. Our employees are a fundamental part of what makes this institution so distinctive, helping us break new ground and constantly strive to excel.

Discover our current job vacancies:

Faculty Positions

Job Description
  • Accomplish the college’s objectives concerning students in respect of admission inclusive of instruction, progress, and examination
  • Develop course design and identify needs consistently for revision of curriculum
  • Participate in the preparation and implementation of department academic plans
  • Monitor issues and concerns related to student and direct activities for the enhancement of student learning within the department
  • Develop and sustain appropriate structures for management, consultation, decision-making, and communication with staff and students
  • Manage and preserve students’ records of achievements
  • Assist students with research and internships
  • Supervise academic advising of students in department programs
  • Manage and assist in the use of practical labs
  • Participate in the administrative tasks within the department
  • Propose and implement policies within the department to enhance research activities and academic development
  • Coordinate with Department Chair and other members of the department to enhance college’s research projects
  • Follow-up on the assessment and quality assurance of academic programs within the department
  • Ensure a safe, healthy, hazard-free environment for both staff and students, guaranteeing full compliance to health and safety standards
  • Ensure that college’s equipment under the department’s control are properly maintained and serviced as required
  • Ensure all activities are carried out to the highest possible standards and that the required evaluation and monitoring procedures are properly documented to ensure both compliance and improvement; such procedures will include teaching, research, and management of all resources
  • Comply with auditing, quality assurance, and risk management procedures both internal and external in safeguarding eminent service to staff and students
  • Prepare accurate and correct e-Course file for all courses assigned
  • Participate in various projects that serve the community
  • Participate in the accreditation process and document preparation for the related academic programs


  • Native Arabic Speaker
  • Minimum 3 years’ Post-Doctoral experience.
  • D/Doctorates with minimum Assistant Professors or Associate Professors levels.
  • Relevant undergraduate and graduate teaching experience in English and Arabic.
  • Willing to relocate to UAE.
  • Candidates with UAE Attested Ph.D. Degrees shall be preferred.
  • Able to work as per the schedule, covering morning and evening program.
  • Teach both undergraduate and graduate courses through the use of blended learning approach.
  • Must have prior experience teaching HRM courses
  • Prior experience in designing of Course/ Curriculum development
  • Advise/ mentor students
  • Perform administrative duties as needed.
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