أخر موعد للتقديم 14 ابريل.. الجامعة الوطنية العمانية تعلن عن وظائف جديدة لأعضاء هيئة التدريس

السبت 03/أبريل/2021 - 02:03 م
تعلن الجامعة الوطنية العمانية عن وظائف جديدة لأعضاء هيئة التدريس علما بأن أخر موعد للتقديم 14 ابريل واليكم نص الإعلان:

التفاصيل والتقديم من خلال الموقع الرسمي هنااااا

Associate Professor of Physiology
Physiology & Biophysics

College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sohar

Reporting To:
Assistant Dean for Pre-clinical Affairs

Minimum Qualification:
Ph. D in Physiology or equivalent

15 years of medical teaching experience after post-graduation

Language Requirement:
Proficiency in English is a must.

Job Description:


Contribute in and lead the departmental teaching activities- lectures, labs, tutorials, small group teaching etc.

Develop and implement innovative instructional methods


Lead and encourage research in the area of specialization

Professional Development

Participate in conferences and workshops

Develop professional development plans for faculty and organize workshops and conferences

Student support

Guide and mentor student research

Evaluate and monitor student academic progress

Engage in academic advising

Academic support

Formulating and reviewing of examination questions

Proctoring of examinations as assigned

Contribute to reviewing and revising course content

Develop and deliver new courses as directed by the Dean

Administrative support

Assist the department in day-to-day administrative tasks/functions as assigned (e.g. time-tabling/scheduling)

Participate in the organization of departmental/college activities/events

Serve and support college committees

Contribute towards accreditation requirements

Community Outreach

Participate/organize/ assist in events that focus on community outreach/engagement

Any other duties assigned by the Dean

Requirement /Skills:

Undergraduate medical qualification with a Postgraduate medical qualification (PhD or equivalent) in the field of Physiology from a recognized college/university

At least 15 years of distinctive records in teaching and academic leadership in a medical school setting.

Extensive experience in research with adequate number of publications

Understanding of student assessment and evaluation

Understanding of faculty development needs

Strong organizational and managerial skills

Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively and work with members of the academic community


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